Extend On-Premises Storage to the Cloud with AWS

Run production workloads on the cloud with primary storage on Amazon Web Services.

Gain a Secure, Highly Available Primary Storage Solution on the Cloud

Why Choose AWS for Storage?

Organizations look to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a variety of primary data storage needs, from extending an on-premises environment to running critical workloads fully on the cloud. AWS Primary Storage solutions are durable and easily scalable. 

Cloud-based primary storage solutions create a solution that is designed to provide operating expense (OpEx) savings in the form of better operational efficiency as well as significant capital expense (CapEx) savings from not expanding on-premises hardware, with high levels of security and availability. Organizations pay only for the services they need, allowing companies of all sizes to utilize cloud storage.

Primary Storage on AWS.

AWS offers secure, durable, high-performance solutions for primary storage on the cloud. Solutions leverage file, block, object, and streamed data formats as an extension to on-premises storage for applications that require durability, low latency, or high throughput. Services utilized include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for cost-effective online storage of critical business data.

AWS primary storage solutions can be utilized either as an extension to on-premises environments or on their own for organizations running production workloads on the cloud. AWS services are designed to provide scalable, and integrated solutions allowing organizations to pay for only what they need and reduce the cost and maintenance needed to manage on-premises primary storage solutions.

Benefits of Primary Storage with AWS

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