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Prevent Future Performance Issues by Centralising Alerts, Events, and Metrics.


A cloud-scale monitoring platform that unifies metrics, traces, logs, and more for centralized visibility and faster troubleshooting on dynamic architectures.

"We have been recently awarded MSP (Manage Service Provider) partner with Datadog and would like to enlighten some precious information on Datadog and its real time use for modern monitoring and analytics"
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Total coverage for your environment...

Datadog is a fully unified platform encompassing infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, log management, user-experience monitoring, and more. By bringing together data from every tool and service in your company’s stack, Datadog provides a single source of truth for troubleshooting, optimizing performance, and cross-team collaboration. Everything in Datadog is organized under the same set of tags, so all the data relevant to a particular issue is automatically correlated and can be accessed with just a few clicks. By eliminating the blind spots, Datadog reduces the risk of overlooked errors, mitigates the burden of ongoing service maintenance, and accelerates digital transformations.

...and all of your teams.

Datadog’s intuitive, best-in-class dashboards can be implemented in minutes and don’t require classes or certifications to use. Broader adoption allows you to eliminate silos and avoid the costs associated with heavy reliance on a small number of monitoring experts. This equates to more responsive on-call troubleshooting, fewer and less costly outages, and faster time-to-market for new projects.


Built for dynamic infrastructure

Datadog pairs automatic scaling and deployment with hands-free machine-learning-based tools like Watchdog to help your teams get reliable insight into complex systems and catch anomalies anywhere in the stack before they affect customers.

On-demand access to logs

Datadog provides affordable access to 100% of logs through the unique Logging without Limits™ model, which separates ingestion from indexing to give your teams unlimited on-demand access to logs they need while controlling costs for the ones they don’t.

Superior coverage and retention

Datadog offers 350+ vendor-backed integrations to help your teams quickly adopt new technologies, along with access to high-granularity metrics for a full 15 months. This enables more accurate historical analysis and forecasting to reduce risk during critical events.

Unsampled customer-level data

Datadog’s APM enables customer-level performance analytics via Tracing without Limits™. This means engineers can identify and solve issues more quickly by automatically capturing all customer interactions without any blind spots or sampling.

Datadog Serverless Monitoring

Run your mission-critical applications on serverless without sacrificing visibility.

Organizations are increasingly moving to serverless because it lets them put their customers first. Instead of managing servers, provisioning containers, and digging into configuration management, they can focus solely on building new products and features to serve their customers. Whether building new services or moving existing applications to serverless, Datadog will meet you at every line of code to give you clear, actionable insights into how real customers experience your products.

Any type of infrastructure. Anywhere

Applications are more distributed than ever. Between the migration to micro services and the adoption of server-less and containers, it is now common for a single request to be routed through multiple services and infrastructure components. To build a clear understanding of customer experiences, organisations need comprehensive visibility into the complex paths these requests take. A request might originate from an on-prem host, route to an API Gateway in front of a Node.js Lambda function, jump through an SQS message queue to a Python Lambda function, and terminate at an EC2 host.

Datadog provides a single visualization for the life of the entire request and a Service Map showing every upstream and downstream dependency. Datadog Serverless Monitoring is a SaaS solution that provides end-to-end visibility into application performance and customer experience. Datadog enables you to enhance your focus on product development and customer satisfaction, while taking full advantage of the reduced operational overhead provided by serverless technologies.

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