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Migrating to Cloud and Automations for every small business is proving to give productive and efficient outcomes in every industrial sector.  Right from large Enterprise to SME’s and Start-ups are running their core business applications on cloud infrastructure like       Google, AWS and Azure.  

While focusing on achieving your business goals, it becomes little difficult to focus on your core IT Infrastructure simultaneously for any organization, as you need a very good in-house team with the right expertise.  Well, instead of building a Cloud team and looking for experienced IT manager, it’s getting more complicated and shifting your focus away from achieving your business goals.  This is indeed a very common problem with all sectors who have cloud-related infrastructure.

I agree there are pros and cons of every aspect if you decide to have in-house team.  But, let us talk some benefits if you are thinking to select a third-party managed service provider.

Selecting a Managed Service Provider or a Consulting Partner is the right strategy to let you manage your cloud infrastructure over a long period of time.  

MSP’s have cost-effective approach as they use best practices and strategy towards your infrastructure.  Overall, they are also backed by the cloud providers of whom they are partnered with.  Hence you get a layered approach and cost-effective support for your infrastructure.  The other big thing is discounts on your infrastructure especially if your billing usage is very high.  MSP’s can also offer 2-5% discount on billing usage which makes huge difference for high billing usages.  Furthermore, MSP’s can also help you to optimize your cloud infrastructure by using the right resources in cloud.  Let us see some more benefits listed below.


  • Planning & Designing the IT infrastructure properly to enhance the business applications and servers run smoothly and get customer satisfaction in business.
  • Reduce risk of security keeping infrastructure safe from vulnerabilities, data theft, ransomware, etc. inside the IT infrastructure.
  • Pro-active Solutions from the certified team on any challenges in business application or Infrastructure.
  • Regular Maintenance of IT infrastructure along with the time-to-time up-gradation of technology.
  • Dedicated team monitoring the IT infrastructure continuously to avoid any downtime of business application or web servers.
  • Help Desk support which benefits the organisation to upgrade any services or changes in the infrastructure by call, email or chat.
  • Cost optimisation by selecting right services for right application as per the infrastructure requirements.  Also, optimizing the expenditure of high salaries on full-time in-house IT team and managers.

Geeks Solutions is Managed service Provider helping and serving 24×7 with certified expertise to the Hosting industries, Data Centres, Development companies, Cloud Infrastructure environment, etc. in order to manage and build the business smoothly with high outcome.

Geeks Solutions manages and assumes the responsibility by providing the services to the valuable clients from 13 years.  With trained, experienced, qualified, and certified techs, we are increasing the efficiency and competitiveness to the customers business with new technology and automations.

We value your business and make you focused on business instead of diverting your focus on resources and technology with complex IT conditions.  By adopting Geeks Solutions services, your organization will stay up to date on technology and reduce the cost on resources with quality of services and risk.


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