Cloud_Computing Vs Traditional On-Premises Servers

Cloud_Computing Vs Traditional On-Premises Servers

What is cloud computing?

This can be a million-dollar question. Still today many people are not acquainted with the technology and are finding it quite difficult to understand the concept and criteria of the cloud. Various definitions, terms and explanation are available online that describes what is cloud computing? Although a perfect definition or explanation is not available. However, we may assume that every single need of a user for working, developing and maintaining their business including the data security and storage is arranged by this service providers.

The advantages of cloud computing are innumerable over any other hosting services.

Most secure hosting services- These are perhaps the most secure hosting services available in recent times. It provides many security features that are incomparable with others. With 3-tier security system cloud services are on top. Any kind of threat to data such as hacking, duplication, adulterated or deletion is almost nil. Services on demand- Availing cloud services will enable you the power of on-demand services through which you can scale-up and down your high-end and multi-functional hardware requirements, costly software and application in seconds, customized platforms for world-class product and application development, along with all these services cloud computing in India also offers managed this services. Availing this service will unload a huge amount of burden from your shoulders. In this type of service, the clients do not have to worry about the maintenance because the service providers will manage the cloud for you.

Introduction of the pay per use model- cloud service providers is the first one to develop such a wonderful scheme for the clients. This is perhaps the biggest benefit that is helping the cloud services to go ahead in the race of hosting technologies. And if we speak about India, it’s the best thing that can happen for Indians, according to the need of the user and pay for what we use. This model suggests that use service, infrastructure and platform according to the need of the business and at the end of the month pay for what you use and no extra charges at all.

Access to your data- This is perhaps the most interesting section of the article. The advantages of cloud computing are several, but this one is the best. Data access is a major issue, and to access data from we should give our least possible concern to get a high level of access and functioning. You can work from home, office or even while travelling because cloud services enable us to log on to our data with any device that should only have a high-speed internet connection. And then you can work from any part of the world without any kind of difficulty and interruption.

These are some of the very few benefits of these services. There are many more topics that will be discussed and implemented in the near future. These services are about to bring a huge revolution in India. You can just wait and watch or can join the bandwagon of cloud computing users in India and enjoy these heavenly services.

The Cons of cloud computing

1- SLA contracts

This is the difficult and mainly significant one. SLAs can be extremely concerned and it, in fact, leaves the responsibility on the customer to recognize and classify all necessities in precise points, and more prominently recognize what one is receiving in the conditions of sustain, performance, precautions, etc. A fine illustration is the superiority of service; one should know what is accessible and what the recourses are if the particular superiority is not preserved.

2- Performance

Performance assurance is generally part of the SLA file, but I have singled this one out as it is significant to preserve the act (uptime) one desires both for internal and external consumers. Know if the performance assurance is distinct as a normal or just throughout peak periods against a “consistent” act. If performance is cooperation, it can bang a lot of stuff including proceeds and your business goodwill.

3- IT enrollment

If one does make use of the cloud, then make confident one knows the vendor enrollment that is accessible to sustain your wants and hundreds of others using their cloud. A figure of vendors subcontract enrollment and some of the employees may not be as superior as your own internal business. Ask the possible service supplier if they have skilled employees to sustain the functions you demand.


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