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Capitalize on new Financial Services opportunities with Amazon Web Services & Geeks Solutions

Agile, Secure, And Scalable Financial Services Solutions

Financial Services for AWS helps companies evolve within the rapidly changing technology environment to address expanded regulatory oversight and compliance requirements, increased competition from existing and new market entrants, tighter focus on information security and new security threats, disaster recovery and business continuity scarce resources in the form of capital, headcount, and specialized skills. AWS accomplishes this by helping financial institutions innovate faster, eliminate costly technical debt, and build on an already secure AWS environment supported by a large set of Financial Services consulting and technology partners.

Maximize and accelerate your capabilities in the cloud with AWS Financial Services and
Geeks Solutions


Cloud environments enable new development and production environments to be deployed in minutes rather than weeks.


Gain access to integrated and interoperable tools that will help you iterate faster than the competition and deliver even better customer experiences.


Safeguards in place to help Customers protect their data within the cloud, such as providing tools to support encryption & security.

AWS services and solutions to quickly scale technology and infrastructure

Amazon WorkSpaces

Is a managed secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that helps mobile and remote employees access the applications they need. Financial Services institutions need to meet security and data sovereignty requirements for desktop applications and mobile workers. 

Amazon Connect

Enables financial services institutions to stand up a fully operational contact center in minutes and operate it virtually anywhere. Agents, supervisors, managers, and administrators can work at home and still perform all their normal contact-center activities.

AWS Grid Computing

Provides everything needed to quickly and easily build and manage HPC clusters in the cloud. Particularly during times of high market volatility, this enable financial services institutions to scale to peak processing demands at a moment’s notice, automate features to minimise manual processes, and lower costs with a pay-as-you-go consumption model.


Compliance and Security

AWS understands the unique security, regulatory, and compliance obligations financial services institutions face on a global scale. From infrastructure to automation, financial services institutions have all the tools and resources they need to create a compliant and secure environment on AWS.

Why Choose Amazon Web Services and Geeks Solutions for Financial Services?

AWS provides financial institutions with access to a growing community of key software, content, core systems, and system integrators that understand the requirements of working in a highly regulated industry. These partners build solutions on AWS to help customers improve security, compliance, reliability, and scalability.



Optimize critical aspects of banking operations – from customer service delivery models to risk management – to build a foundation for innovation and growth.

Capital Markets

AWS enables organizations to innovate and transform to move faster, better service customers, and increase shareholder value.


AWS was built for the most security-sensitive enterprises and applications, with integrated audit friendly service features for PCI and other compliance standards.


Enable an agile infrastructure to optimize and innovate your business, deepen customer relationships, and improve risk profiles with AWS.


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