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We redefine the way you extend your team. Outstaffing, also known as staff-augmentation, is a dynamic solution for businesses seeking to scale up their workforce with exceptional talent without the hassle of traditional hiring. Our Outstaffing Services are designed to empower your organization with skilled professionals who work as a seamless extension of your team.

What is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a business practice that involves hiring external professionals or a team of experts to work on specific projects or tasks, but unlike traditional outsourcing, these professionals work directly as an extension of your in-house team.

In outstaffing arrangements, the client company retains full control over the project, setting the objectives, tasks, and management, while the outstaffed professionals provide their expertise to help meet those objectives.

Key characteristics of outstaffing include:

Direct Collaboration:

Our professionals work directly with the client company, often becoming an integrated part of the client's team. They follow the client's procedures, work alongside in-house employees, and adhere to the client's standards and practices.


Avoid the overhead costs of traditional hiring, such as recruitment, onboarding, and employee benefits. Pay only for the resources you need, when you need them.

Project Focus:

Rely on our outstaffed professionals for project management, task execution, and timely project delivery. Outstaffing is often used for specific projects or tasks that require expertise or manpower not readily available within the client's organization.


Easily scale your team up or down in response to project demands or changing business requirements. Stay agile and competitive without long-term hiring commitments.


Access industry-specific experts who bring valuable knowledge and skills to your projects, ensuring optimal results. Our professionals are typically hired for their specialized skills and experience, providing a valuable resource for the client.

Minimized Administrative Burden:

The outstaffing provider takes care of administrative tasks like payroll, HR management, and workspace provisioning, allowing the client to focus on the project.

Benefits of Choosing
Geeks Solutions Outstaffing:

Efficiency: Quickly build a highly competent team without the extended timeframes of traditional hiring.

Cost Savings: Eliminate unnecessary hiring expenses and adapt your workforce to project requirements, reducing overhead costs.

Scalability: Adjust your team size as needed, responding to fluctuating workloads or new initiatives with ease.

Focus on Core Competencies: Devote more time to your core business activities while we handle the hiring process, allowing you to remain agile and competitive.

ISO 27001 Compliance: Rest assured that your data and operations are handled with the highest standards of information security. Geeks Solutions is ISO 27001 compliant, demonstrating our commitment to protecting your information.

Years of Expertise: With a history dating back to 2006, we have a wealth of experience in providing Outstaffing Services. Our long-standing presence in the industry signifies our dedication to delivering exceptional talent and support to our clients.

Our Outstaffing Services:

we understand the importance of having the right expertise at the right time. Our Outstaffing Services provide you with skilled professionals who are ready to join your team as outstaffed members. Our experts cover a wide spectrum of roles and expertise areas to cater to your diverse project requirements. Here are some of the key roles we offer:

DevOps Engineer:

Our DevOps engineers are well-versed in automation, continuous integration, and deployment. They help streamline your development and operations processes, improving collaboration, and accelerating project delivery.

Cloud Engineer:

Leverage our cloud engineers to manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure on platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. They ensure your cloud environment is highly available, scalable, and cost-effective.

Site Reliability Engineer:

We recognize the critical role of Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) in ensuring the reliability, availability, and performance of modern digital infrastructure. Our SRE services are designed to empower organizations with the expertise and tools needed to build and maintain resilient systems that meet the demands of today’s dynamic business landscape.

Kubernetes Expert:

Ensure the efficient deployment and management of containerized applications with the guidance of our Kubernetes experts. They possess in-depth knowledge of container orchestration and can help you harness the full potential of Kubernetes.

Security Engineer:

Our security engineers are dedicated to safeguarding your systems, applications, and data. They provide comprehensive security measures, including risk assessments, vulnerability management, and incident response.

Technical Support Engineer:

Access technical support specialists(L1/L2/L3) who are well-equipped to provide assistance to your customers or internal teams. They are skilled in troubleshooting, ticket management, and ensuring uninterrupted operations, enhancing customer satisfaction.

24x7 Monitoring Expert:

24x7 Monitoring experts help maintain the health and performance of your systems through continuous monitoring and proactive issue resolution. They employ industry-leading tools and best practices to ensure the reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Web-Hosting Support Team:

Our web-hosting support team specializes in managing and maintaining hosting environments, ensuring optimal performance, security, and uptime for your websites and applications. They are skilled in resolving hosting-related issues, optimizing server configurations, and providing excellent customer support to enhance the hosting experience for your clients and end-users.

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