Elevating Fintech Security: Unveiling the Power of SOC’s Unyielding Protection


Discover how the cutting-edge Security Operation Centre, revolutionized security in the fintech landscape. Operating 24×7, the SOC safeguards the operational & digital assets of the client, implementing industry-leading security practices and maintaining Payment Card Industry Security Standard compliance. Explore how the SOC’s advanced technology & expertise ensure unparalleled security & protection of the platform.

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Robust Compliance


Continuous Vigilance


Unified Protection


Rapid Threat Mitigation

The Challenge

In the fiercely competitive fintech sector, the client faced unique challenges:


  • Stringent Compliance: As a fintech, maintaining compliance while safeguarding sensitive financial data demanded an extraordinary level of security.


  • 24×7 Security Monitoring: Ensuring uninterrupted security monitoring around the clock to detect and respond to any potential threat or breach.


  • Complex Technology Landscape: Securing a diverse range of technologies posed the challenge of managing and protecting various systems together.

What did
Geeks Solutions do

The SOC’s arsenal of advanced technologies ensure comprehensive security:

  • Wazuh SIEM: Employs real-time threat detection and incident response capabilities. Customizable and integrated with threat intelligence, it offers real-time alerts, allowing rapid response and threat mitigation.
  • OpenVAS: Executes vulnerability assessments, utilizing an extensive database to identify known vulnerabilities across various software, applications, and systems. Detailed reports facilitate swift patching.
  • OS Ticketing System: Collects and manages tickets for Wazuh alerts and threats, streamlining incident response.
  • Nagios Monitoring Tool: Ensures continuous monitoring of services and servers, preempting issues and ensuring seamless operations.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Paysafe

24x7 Vigilance Monitoring tools
Azure cloud
OS ticketing
Nagios monitoring
Wazuh SIEM

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