Elevating Business: Transforming Salon Management with AWS


An advanced salon management system, offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution for personal care centers. Certified for electronic invoicing, it streamlines operations from reservations to staff and financial management, ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Efficient Container Management


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Regulatory Compliance

The Challenge

The client sought an advanced and scalable infrastructure for its salon management system, presenting challenges including:

  • Deployment of a stable, scalable solution within a tight deadline.
  • Setup of staging and production servers with varying PHP versions.
  • Implementation of CI/CD with GitHub for efficient code deployment.
  • Data security in a UAE or Bahrain data center.
  • Robust security measures and firewall implementation.
  • CDN and ACM SSL setup for improved performance and encryption.

What did
Geeks Solutions do

Geeks Solutions turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address the client’s needs:

  • Elasticity and Scalability: Amazon ECS and Amazon ECS Auto Scaling ensured adaptability to varying traffic loads.
  • Load Balancing: Amazon Elastic Load Balancer optimized traffic distribution to ECS tasks, enhancing application availability.
  • Security and Compliance: AWS IAM controlled access, while AWS Certificate Manager provided SSL/TLS certificates.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Amazon CloudWatch offered real-time monitoring for system health and performance optimization.
  • DevOps Efficiency: AWS CodeBuild and CodeDeploy enabled automated build and deployment pipelines.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Paysafe

Amazon ECS
Amazon EC2
Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
Amazon S3
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon ECR
AWS Certificate Manage
Amazon CloudTrail
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodeDeploy

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