Driving Hotel & Travel Evolution: Partnering with Geeks Solutions for Seamless Transformation


Discover how Geeks Solutions revolutionized fintech’s landscape by collaborating with a disruptive player in the travel and Hotel industry. The client provides hotels and travel agencies to manage booking operations from one single platform. By leveraging our expertise, we transformed the fintech’s virtual payments platform, optimizing scalability, performance, and security, all while streamlining development processes.

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Enhanced App Stability


Optimized Scalability


Immutable Deployments



The Challenge

  • Seamless Scaling: Aiming to scale without friction while preserving a seamless customer experience.
  • Stability and Security: Necessity to ensure stability, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Global Expansion: Balancing high performance and low latency as they expanded globally.
  • Agile Deployment: Seeking a solution for easy deployment of new code changes on a private repository.
  • Automation Focus: Embracing automation to empower the development team.

With a desire to overcome these challenges, the fintech turned to Geeks Solutions due to our managed IT expertise and reputation for delivering solutions that excel.

What did
Geeks Solutions do

Leveraging our 16+ years of server management experience and as a Cloud experts, Geeks Solutions engineered an unparalleled solution.

  • Domain Expertise: Leveraging our deep understanding of server management, we harnessed years of experience to design a solution that aligned seamlessly with fintech’s aspirations.
  • Containerization Prowess: Our proven track record in Containerised Orchestration and Kubernetes-based deployments brought a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring a reliable and optimized architecture.
  • Fargate Integration: Understanding fintech’s unique needs, we proposed AWS Fargate, a serverless container management solution. This choice eradicated the need for intricate infrastructure management, allowing fintech to focus on their core services.
  • PCI Compliance Mastery: Recognizing fintech’s PCI Compliance concerns, we strategically adopted AWS Fargate. By minimizing the need to manage underlying infrastructure, we streamlined PCI Compliance, ensuring secure and compliant operations.
Hotel and Travel

The Results

The technology that we use to support Paysafe

Amazon Fargate
Amazon ECS Auto Scaling
Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
Amazon S3 Bucket
Amazon Elastic File System
Amazon ECR
AWS Certificate Manager
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon CloudTrail
Amazon Nat Gateway and Elastic IP

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