Transforming Finance: A Journey from AWS to Azure for Data Sovereignty


Unlocking a new chapter in secure payments, we present a remarkable case study of a Middle East Financial Application. Faced with the challenge of stringent data compliance regulations, the solution seamlessly migrated from AWS to Azure, ensuring data sovereignty within the client’s country. This monumental shift not only met government mandates but also fortified security and performance, embodying innovation and resilience.

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Data Sovereignty Achieved


Fortified Security


Uninterrupted Performance


Resilience and Reliability

The Challenge

In the realm of finance, security and compliance are paramount. The challenge arose when the government mandated that data be stored within its borders. The existing AWS infrastructure, located in London, fell short of meeting this critical requirement. The mission was to migrate to Azure, with a data center in the Middle East compliant with government regulations.

The endeavor encompassed not only the migration but also the need to retain impeccable security, performance, and fault tolerance standards. A monumental transformation was on the horizon, necessitating meticulous planning and execution.

What did
Geeks Solutions do

Navigating the intricate landscape of financial data sovereignty, Geeks Solutions harnessed their extensive experience as an Amazon partner and managed service provider to orchestrate a seamless migration to Azure.

This transformational journey was more than a mere shift; it was a testament to our Azure expertise and unwavering commitment to innovation.

  • Azure Proficiency: Our profound understanding of Azure’s ecosystem guided the migration’s intricate nuances.
  • Data Sovereignty Mastery: Navigating government mandates, we ensured data resided within the client’s country.
  • Meticulous Planning: Our approach intricately mapped Azure capabilities, preparing for every migration facet.
  • Smooth Data Transfer: With agile planning, we moved data seamlessly, minimizing downtime and risk.
  • Optimized Azure Features: Leveraging Azure’s tools enhanced performance and security post-migration.
  • 24×7 Support Continuity: Our commitment extended to Azure, ensuring uninterrupted service.

The Results

The technology that we use

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Load Balancer
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Monitor
Azure Database
Azure DNS
Azure Traffic Manager
Azure DevOps

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