Vulnerability Assessment & Audit

Vulnerability Assessment & Audit

Vulnerability assessment is a process of identifying, analyzing and re-mediate your IT assets across your environment. It is very important and vital for any organization to prioritize their assets for possible threats and minimize the risk of getting vulnerable. With the help of Vulnerability management software, you can automate the process in simple way the process can be done as follows
  • Identifying Vulnerabilities
  • Evaluating Vulnerabilities
  • Re-mediating Vulnerabilities
  • Reporting Vulnerabilities

Being in IT industry and specializing in server management and security services, Geeks Solutions have immense amount of experience in treating Vulnerability assessment, Audit & Reporting of your server endpoints. Protecting your organization from threats require a vulnerability management solution with an expert team for treating the vulnerabilities which can keep up and adapt to all changes as and when required. We use accurate and most popular vulnerability scanning tool available in the market like OpenVAS, Nessus.

What our team will do for you ?

We will work on your post assessment reports and apply fixes required on servers or cloud setups. We will make sure all the benchmarks are completed as required by the assessor. We can also assess & audit your cloud server, dedicated servers, VPS and applications to help qualify compliance requirements for your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Advanced Scan
  • Cloud Security
  • Bad Lock Detection
  • Basic Network Scan
  • Malware Scan
  • Host Discovery
  • Shared vulnerabilities