Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services

"Centralized virtualization solutions for your server repositories"

We manage all your virtualized host servers and slaves, no need to worry about the technicalities on how to plan and setup, With Virtualization Service plan our team of experts will do it all for you.

Virtual private servers or you can say virtual machines are getting more and more popular these days, the reason of popularity is because of various virtualized hypervisors techniques available.

Billions of gigabytes of data and information are hosted on servers every day. Repositories need huge amount of capacity to store this mission-critical data. Physical servers need to be partitioned into multiple virtual machines with state-of-the-art virtualization technology.

Enterprises can minimize infrastructure cost by provisioning a new server and virtualizing it with multiple machines on the same server. Clients can run and migrate multiple applications and software’s on a single host as these machines are completely isolated from each other.

Key Features

  • Understanding your need for virtualization
  • Provide our expertise to help you choose the best suitable virtualization technology
  • Planning OS installation as per virtualization technology you choose
  • Partitioning disk with best suitable architecture
  • Network configuration suitable for your virtual environment
  • IP address configuration based on virtual environment
  • Audit and securing the main virtualized server
  • Regularly patching the server for updates
  • Managing logs for various Audit and reporting purpose
  • Control panel installation and management
  • Managing master and slave servers as per architecture
  • Planning and creating virtual servers
  • Architecting automated deployments for VMs as required
  • Follow best practices for various virtualization technologies
  • Direct communication with the data center if required
  • Monitoring resources of virtualized server
  • 24/7 hours support team