DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Location: Nashik
Department: Technical
Experience: 2-3 years of relevant experience
Job type: Full-time, On-job

About the job: We’re in search of an agile DevOps Engineer, to be a part of our dynamic and innovative team. If you’re looking for opportunities for your professional growth and skill development through continuous learning, Join us!

What we require you to have: 

    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Engineering, or any other relevant field.
    • Certified Cloud Engineer – AWS/ Azure/ GCP
      Hands-on Experience in Kubernetes and Docker Technologies, certification preferable.
    • Relevant certifications in Linux (RHCSA, RHCA, RHCE) is mandatory.
    • Certification – cPanel Systems Administrator: Level 2
    • Understanding programming with PHP, Python, Node JS, Bash Scripting and Ansible.
    • Strong knowledge of CI/CD concepts and experience with related tools. (eg. Jenkins, GIT, etc.)
    • Familiarity with configuration management and infrastructure as a code (IaC) tool.
    • Experience with cloud platforms (AWS/ Azure / GCP)
    • Experience with automation tools like Hashicorp Packer, Terraform and Nomad.
    • Experience managing and maintaining load balancers, proxies, webservers, Queues, Caches etc.
    • Performing analyses of events and alerts during the incident response process, combining analytical skills with strong knowledge of networks and systems, and a sound knowledge of Cyber Security practices.

What you’ll be responsible for: 

  • Develop, improve, maintain, and monitor CI/CD pipelines and tools associated with it. 
  • Use infrastructure automation tools, like Terraform, Ansible, etc. to manage and provision infrastructure resources.
  • Define infrastructure configurations as code to ensure reproducibility and scalability.
  • Containerize applications using docker and manage container orchestration platforms.
  • Manage source code repositories using version control systems.
  • Set up monitoring and alerting systems to track the performance and health of applications and infrastructure.
  • Implement centralized logging and analysis using various tools and technologies.
  • Implement security best practices in CI/CD process, including vulnerability scanning and code analysis.
  • Collaborate with SOC team to address vulnerabilities and ensure secure application development.
  • Foster collaboration with development and operations teams to streamline processes.
  • Create documentation related to DevOps. (Articles, Case studies, Blogs, etc.)
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