Outsourcing is good business strategy & India is one good option for outsourcing your web based services. However, by accepting shared resources and losing some control, a company can access better technologies and lower operational costs through offshore outsourcing.

To outsource or not?

This especially rings true when offshore outsourcing to India. Indian offshore outsourcing companies are a class apart and they constantly strive to maintain and improve their standards. They have strong domain knowledge, global exposure and brand equity worldwide in the software services sector. They also have strong value proposition – low development cost, highly skilled manpower and competitive billing. Even smaller firms in India strive to maintain a certain standard within their limits.

Some basic advantages of offshore outsourcing:

Cut costs: An average software development or web development company opts offshore outsourcing to cut costs and increase savings. It allows them to concentrate on their core competencies. Offshore outsourcing can save costs in more ways than one.  You get to cut costs, both directly and indirectly, on various areas like human resources, infrastructure setup and maintenance, management etc. depending on what you outsource and how much.

Access to latest technologies: Access to changing technologies is a major advantage of IT outsourcing. As technology vendors keep updating their systems and services, the technological advantage is passed on to their clients. Value added hi-technology aided service is now part of the package in all good outsourcing deals