Sadad is a Qatari payment gateway platform which provides highly secure cashless payments across multiple online and offline merchants through integrated and diversified financial services.


As the application was going to be dealing with the financial details of its end users, it was important for the underlying infrastructure to be highly secure, performance efficient and fault-tolerant. Though the application itself was being built keeping various compliances and security measures in mind, it was important for the client to have the underlying infrastructure to also meet all the necessary security criteria.

The client was looking for a platform which could meet all the above requirements to ensure secure and error-free online transactions for his end users and to ensure data transfer between various components like the application, POS devices, end users and the bank is highly secure and contained.


Being an Amazon partner and having 15+ years background as managed service provider in the field of server management, we took our experience along with our AWS expertise to deliver the best.

Geeks Solutions has a track record of building Containerised Orchestration and Kubernetes-based deployments on everything from bare metal to virtualized private data-centers and the cloud.

Various AWS components were evaluated, its configurations, and internal components required were discussed along the way to the deployment.

We decided to go with AWS Cloud because it not only meets all the requirements put forth by the client but also has a highly secure and stable underlying infrastructure which is extremely crucial given the nature of the business.

By incorporating the agile tactic, our AWS CSAA’s and 24×7 SA team safeguarded the applications availability in in a timely manner. Round-the-clock support was provided for the application and infrastructure.


Website: https://sadad.qa/
Industry: Online e-payment service
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2018

Specialties: Payment Processing, FinTech, Mobile Banking, Point of Sale services, e-wallet, e-payment services

Sadad is the first Qatari e-wallet
  • Sadad strictly adheres to laws and regulations in Qatar and applies international compliance standards for online payment services.
  • The company aspires to establish a positive impact on the business to achieve lasting growth of profits, and ensure long-term business success of companies and individuals.
  • Sadad for Payment Solutions is governed by the Electronic Commerce and Transcations law in Qatar, which will be adopted and implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling is used to horizontally spin on-demand EC2 instances to handle high traffic and load.
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancer is used to distribute traffic to the EC2 instances in Autoscaling
  • Amazon S3 bucket is used for collecting and storing CloudTrail event logs and to save daily database backup.
  • Amazon CloudWatch is used to monitor various aspects of the AWS infrastructure and facilitate other services.
  • MariaDB galera cluster on three Amazon EC2 instance is used for application database hosted on multiple regions.
  • Route53 is used for galera and local DNS and load balancing the traffic.
  • AWS global accelerator is used for failover.
  • AWS Code Commit is used for code deployment.


  • The backup of all transaction data is seamless and secure.
  • Scalability and performance guarantee.
  • Full-time availability.
  • Network Security against threats and intrusions.
  • 24×7 proactive support and remote monitoring to anticipate threats and remove damage.
  • Cost Efficiencies and Savings.

About Geeks Solutions
Geeks Solution is leading 24×7 Managed Service Provider and Cloud Consulting company. We are trusted technical support parter with over 15 years of IT services expertise in managing servers, security solutions and PCI complainces, monitoring infrastructure solutions and migration services.