Healthcare organization having medical centres with outpatient surgical facilities where they perform minimally invasive surgeries. They provide surgical treatment for gastroenterology, hernia repair, ENT, urology, etc. They are also into providing robotic-assisted surgeries for many surgical procedures.


Offices and medical centres across different parts of the country needs to have a centralized control for IP infrastructure management. Reducing manual interference for local IT infrastructure as much as possible. Centralized administration of all the machines in all the branches across the region. Roaming home directories for the users who will be connected to facilitate logon on different machines in different regions.


Microsoft Active Directory was the first choice for Centralized Administration. AWS Directory service was thought about. But given the requirement of self-administration of all stuff and data security assurance, it was decided to host Active Directory inside a EC2 instance with good compute capacity. A redundant solution was required for this Active Directory Service, so 2 Read-Only Controllers with backup was planned to be deployed, so if main Active Directory server is taken offline for maintenance or for any issue troubleshooting, the backup AD or the read-only controllers would take its place for the time being for non-stop work in their different offices of the country. A centralized profiling of the home directory (Roaming profile).


Website: https://mivip.com/
Industry: Healthcare
Type: Privately Held

Specialties: At miVIP Surgery Centers, our expert surgeons use precision robotics and other surgical advancements to achieve great results for our patients, with minimal pain or scarring and faster recovery rates than traditional “open” surgery.

miVIP Surgery Centers, a national network of outpatient surgery centers. We have built a reputation for working with the top surgeons in the field who collaborate with our skilled surgical teams to deliver VIP-level care and advanced surgical treatments with excellent outcomes. Our world-class physicians provide minimally invasive procedures in multiple specialties.

By incorporating the agile tactic, our AWS certified SA’s safeguarded the infrastructure availability in timely manner. Round-the-clock support was provided to support the infrastructure connectivity and management.
  • Performing weekly snapshots for disaster recovery of the AWS infrastructure.
  • Monitoring the AWS Cloud Watch metrics to monitor the AWS infrastructure.
  • Remote profiling to facilitate roaming home directory for all the users for a specific purpose.
  • Connecting the on-prem machines to the Central Active Directory remotely.
  • Troubleshooting issues for AD connectivity and remote profiling on call remotely.


  • Amazon EC2 with compute optimized capacity was used.
  • Amazon CloudWatch is used to monitor various aspects of the AWS infrastructure and facilitate other services.
  • Amazon SES is used to notify specific workflow.
  • Amazon Snapshots in conjunction with CloudWatch for automated backup process.


  • Centralized Administration give the main IT administrator of the organization to manage the IT workflow of all the branches across the country.
  • Roaming profile facilitated an on-cloud home directory of the user, so same data can be retrieved on different machine when logged in through same user. This made the IT work easy for transfer of staff when required.
  • Read-Only Active Directory controller made it possible to gain advantage of a non-stop connectivity of the machines to have non-stop IT workflow for Accounts department and different internal departments, as necessary.

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