A fintech disruptor that redefines and simplifies virtual payments for the travel industry.


  • To scale without friction and deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Stable, Secure and Cost-Effective.
  • Going Global: How to Scale and Maintain High Performance and Low Latency.
  • Easy to deploy new code changes on private repository.
  • Automation for Development Team.

We got in touch with Geeks Solutions as they were managing our infrastructure and we have experienced their expertise in managed IT solutions. They proposed with the following solutions to address all those challenges which we eventually did.


Being an Amazon partner and having 15+ years background as managed service provider in the field of server management, we took our experience along with our AWS expertise to deliver the best.

Geeks Solutions has a track record of building Containerised Orchestration and Kubernetes-based deployments on everything from bare metal to virtualized private datacentres and the cloud.

We suggested and client chose ECS Fargate. AWS Fargate is the best technology to run fintech software in the cloud. With AWS Fargate we do not need to deal with underlying infrastructure, patching of the OS, maintenance etc. that minimises the PCI Compliance burden.


Bakuun Holdings Pte Ltd
Type: Privately Held
Specialties: Hotel, Travel and Virtual Payment

Headquarters Regions: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Southeast Asia


  • Amazon Fargate is used to run containers without having to manage servers.
  • Amazon ECS Auto Scaling is used to horizontally spin on-demand task(containers) to handle high traffic and load.
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancer is used to distribute traffic to the ECS task and Application Load Balancers also support path-based routing and priority rules.
  • Amazon S3 bucket is used for storing static and dynamic content.
  • Amazon CloudWatch is used to monitor various aspects of the AWS infrastructure and facilitate other services.
  • Amazon Elastic File System is used for Persistent Volumes in AWS Fargate.
  • Amazon ECR is used to save the images on private repositories with resource-based permissions using AWS IAM.
  • AWS Certificate Manager is used to deploy private and public SSL/TLS certificates for use with internal connected resources and AWS services.
  • Amazon CloudTrail is used to log the events of infrastructure changes.
  • Amazon Nat Gateway is used for outbound traffic to task (container) and elastic IP address also helps whitelisting IP in third party services.


  • App stability and availability in a cloud environment.
  • High scalability through horizontal scaling to distribute work force for better performance without affecting user experience.
  • Immutable deployments, no entry into the servers.
  • No need to handle cluster resource provisioning, patching, configuring, or scaling of machines.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Pay as you go pricing model.

About Geeks Solutions
Geeks Solution is leading 24×7 Managed Service Provider and Cloud Consulting company. We are trusted technical support parter with over 15 years of IT services expertise in managing servers, security solutions and PCI complainces, monitoring infrastructure solutions and migration services.