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Migrate Applications to The Cloud

Cloud migration is useful when a company wants to move its infrastructure into the cloud. We help you migrate your data by following Cloud infrastructure principles and following best practices. We do this by automating cycle with highly scalable infrastructure provisioning and manage every intricate environment at scale.

Usually to run on the cloud-based infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. As more and more infrastructures have already transitioned to the cloud, cloud migrations are increasingly taking place within the cloud. This service also includes migration between different cloud providers (known as cloud-to-cloud migration).

Cloud Migration Services

Migrating applications from on-premises to cloud

Instance, VM, Dedicated server migrations

Website migration to other infrastructure

Moving workloads across different cloud platforms

Moving on-premise software licenses to cloud-based licensing models

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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Migration?

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    Cloud computing can scale to support larger workloads and more users, much more easily than on-premises infrastructure. In traditional IT environments, companies had to purchase and set up physical servers, software licenses, storage, and network equipment to scale up business services..

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    Migrating to the cloud can improve performance and end-user experience. Applications and websites hosted in the cloud can easily scale to serve more users or higher throughput, and can run in geographical locations near to end-users, to reduce network latency.

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    When your apps see fluctuations in traffic, cloud infrastructure allows you to scale up or down to meet demand, so you use only the resources you need.

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    Your cloud provider can manage the complexities of your infrastructure so you can focus on productivity.

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    The cloud follows a pay-per-use model. No need to pay for more than you need or to continually invest in updating, maintaining, training on, and making space for physical servers.

Cloud Migration Process

Plan & Design -> Build & Deploy -> Run & Tune

  • Migration Assessment & Planning

    Cloud migration requires solid assessment & planning to be successful. Before getting started, get clear on your reasons for the move and which migration approach best supports them. Here is where you might employ cloud migration tools to help inform your migration plan by providing full visibility into your on-premises environment, including all system dependencies.

  • Infrastructure Design & Implementation

    After evaluating your current application resource requirements, we take a next step to implement the design for the application and test it till the expected conditions gets satisfied. We ensure that application compatibility are matched on new infrastructure with desired performance.

  • Migrate your Apps & Data

    Planned accurately, your actual app and data migration should go smoothly. Note you have three additional options for transferring local data center to the public cloud: an online transfer, using either public internet or over a private network, or a physical offline transfer whereby you upload local data onto an appliance to ship to the cloud provider.

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Pricing and Plan

1 monthly fee for all IT services. No costly surprises


Designed for businesses with basic IT requirements
2500 Rs /month
Pricing coverage for 1 server - 7 days free trial
  • All basic services include:
  • Incident management
  • 30 Incident support monthly
  • general troubleshooting
  • server health assessment
  • server management
  • scheduled maintenance
  • reboots and support.


Designed for businesses looking to eliminate costly break/fix IT services
4500 Rs /month
Pricing coverage for 1 server
  • All basic services included:
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • 10 ports, cpu, disk, ram
  • 60 Incident support monthly
  • preventive maintenance
  • server asset management
  • backup & recovery solutions
  • server/network support
  • rescue mode, remote support


A fully comprehensive plan with security for any business size or needs.
8500 Rs /month
Pricing coverage for 1 server
  • All plus services included:
  • 150 Incident support monthly
  • server health reporting
  • server security audits
  • security assessment
  • vulnerability management
  • patch management
  • data migrations
  • backup and restoration