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Safeguard Your Mission-Critical Data with Robust Security Services

Security is the highest priority for any organization, protecting your systems in cloud as you would protect a conventional infrastructure from threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, botnets, and spam. We ensure to follow general security best practices for securing cloud infrastructure, host systems and web applications.

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Comprehensive Security Solutions

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    Vulnerability assessment and penetrating testing

    We work on post assessment reports and apply fixes required at network, server or cloud.  We will make sure all the benchmarks are completed as required by the assessor.

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    Security Operations Centre (SOC)

    Security Operations Center (SOC) team is basically a security expert team and is essential to keep a 24×7 watch for active threats. Manage security monitoring, alerting, audit trail, and Incident Response.

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    PCI Scan & Compliance

    We help you in getting complaint status for PCI DSS by completing the requirements to keep credit card information secured by maintaining a secured environment.

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    Infrastructure Security

    Our certified experts will provide security services to protect your network, servers, cloud & websites from hacks and malware.

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    Web Application Security

    Web application firewall helps to protect web applications or APIs against common web exploits and attacks that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

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    Event & Log Management

    Monitor authorized and unauthorized activity, identification and authentication mechanisms, alerting and auditing trail logs.