Disaster Recovery


Why is Disaster Recovery important?

Disasters can inflict many types of damage with varying levels of severity, depending on the scenario. A brief network outage could result in frustrated customers and some loss of business to an online business solution. Equipment failures and power outages, cyberattacks, DDos attacks, hacking can destroy organizations, data centre’s and businesses running online systems.

Preparing a Disaster recovery strategy is critical to business continuity.

We offer Disaster recovery solutions by planning a disaster recovery strategy for your enterprise workloads.  With our expertise in managing public and private cloud solutions, software’s and hardware storage solutions we plan your disaster recovery strategy to make sure data is recovered rapidly in minimum downtime.

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Elements of a disaster recovery strategy are

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    Risk analysis

    Risk analysis or risk assessment is an evaluation of all the potential risks the business could face, as well as their outcomes. Risks can vary greatly depending on the industry the organization is in and its geographic location. The assessment should identify potential hazards, determine who or what these hazards would harm, and use the findings to create procedures that take these risks into account.

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    Recovery point objective

    RPO is the maximum age of files that an organization must recover from backup storage for normal operations to resume after a disaster. The RPO determines the minimum frequency of backups. For example, if an organization has an RPO of two hours, the system must back up at least every two hours.

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    Recovery time objective

    RTO refers to the amount of time an organization estimates its systems can be down without causing significant or irreparable damage to the business. In some cases, applications can be down for several days without severe consequences. In others, seconds can do substantial harm to the business.

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    Removing Single Points of Failure

    A system is highly available when it can withstand the failure of an individual component or multiple components, such as hard disks, servers, and network links. We help you create systems with high availability.
    We think about ways to automate recovery and reduce disruption at every layer of your architecture.


Our Expertise

  • Designing Backup and Recovery solution

    We design and implement your backup and recovery solutions. Cloud provides cost-effective and scalable solutions to help organizations balance their requirements for backup and archiving.

  • Storage services for Data protection

    We recommend cost efficient solutions to protect your data, the pay-for-what-you-use model is the best method and low cost per GB/month make these services a good fit for data.

  • Server Repair and Restoration

    We have real time expertise to resolve server crash, rescue mode server or crash drive recovery in timely manner.  Our standard procedure of diagnosing the issues right from operating system, observing logs and testing the disk to find and resolve the source of error in minimal time.

  • Website Restoration

    We have expertise in recovering your website data from crashed server or server running in rescue mode. With our expertise we will recover your website data, emails and databases by bringing it online with minimum downtime.

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