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Cloud Solutions

Geeks Solutions is committed to provide real business value for your investments. Our goal is to solve business problems with cloud, provide optimized performance for your business application by applying the best skills and knowledge we have on AWS & Azure Cloud platform. We are focused on providing cost-effective methods by applying best practices and design strategies towards your infrastructure.

 As a managed service provider we have the expertise in providing quality technical support by certified Engineers. Which means you will be engaged with the team with highest level of demonstrated expertise in cloud services.

Cloud Offerings

  • Cloud Consulting & Guidance

    Professional and cost-effective support services on different Cloud Platforms to help enterprises develop, host, manage and scale application on Cloud.

  • Cloud Architect, Migrate & Deploy

    Analysing the appropriate platform and using best engineer practice, we provide the best strategic approach to the client to architect, deploy & migrate the infrastructure to the Cloud.

  • Cost Optimization

    Cost optimization services helps optimize your cloud spending by providing visibility into what is lying unused, where you are overspending and how you can better streamline your existing and expected cloud expenditure.

  • DevOps Consulting

    DevOps on Kubernetes, Docker + SWARM, CICD
    Ansible, Jenkins
    Infrastructure as a code (Terraform)

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Skilled at cloud infrastructure & application migration, & deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management to the customer’s environment by providing managed services.

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Transitioning from Traditional Infrastructure towards Cloud

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need to be agile and adaptable to remain competitive. One of the key ways businesses are achieving this is by migrating from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based solutions. At Geeks Solutions, we offer cloud solutions that can help your business streamline operations, increase flexibility, and reduce costs.

Benefits of Transitioning to Cloud Infrastructure

There are several benefits of transitioning from traditional infrastructure to cloud infrastructure, including:

  • Improved Accessibility

    Cloud infrastructure enables remote access to data and applications, allowing employees to work from anywhere, on any device. This can increase productivity and collaboration, while reducing the need for expensive office space.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Traditional infrastructure can be rigid and difficult to scale as business needs change. Cloud infrastructure, on the other hand, offers the ability to scale up or down as required, providing flexibility to adjust to business demands.

  • Cost Savings

    Cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for large capital expenditures on hardware and software, as well as the ongoing costs of maintenance and upgrades. With cloud solutions, businesses can pay only for the resources they need, making it a cost-effective option.

Our Process

At Geeks Solutions, we understand that every business is unique and has different requirements when it comes to cloud solutions. That’s why we follow a streamlined process to ensure that our cloud services meet your specific needs.

Our process includes:

  • Consultation:

    We start by consulting with you to understand your business needs and objectives. We work closely with you to identify the best cloud solutions for your business.

  • Planning:

    After the consultation, our team of experts creates a custom cloud solution plan for your business. We take into consideration your budget, objectives, and other requirements to ensure that the solution we offer meets your specific needs.

  • Implementation:

    Our team of certified cloud engineers implements the solution plan in a timely and efficient manner. We ensure that the cloud solutions are seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and processes.

  • Monitoring and Support:

    After the implementation, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the cloud solutions continue to meet your business needs. We have a team of experts who are available 24×7 to provide technical support and assistance.

We believe that our streamlined process allows us to deliver scalable, flexible, and secure cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Being an aws consulting partner and over 1000+ instance deployments, server migrations, RDS deployments, providing scalable solution with high availability technologies and other critical cloud components. We have the confidence to deploy any kind of complex infrastructure by using well-architected practices and more importantly with the hands-on experience that we have. We aim to build high quality solutions, implement best practices and make improvements as per your business needs.


Instances Deployed

Benefits of Our Cloud Solutions:

  • Scalability & Guidance

    Our cloud solutions allow you to easily scale your computing resources up or down, based on your needs. This enables you to respond quickly to changing business requirements, without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

  • Cost Savings

    Our cloud solutions eliminate the need for your business to invest in expensive physical infrastructure, such as servers and storage, and reduce the need for IT staff to manage the infrastructure. This results in significant cost savings for your organization.

  • Flexibility

    Our cloud solutions allow you to select the computing resources you need, such as the type of server, storage, and networking, based on your requirements. This enables you to customize your computing resources to meet your specific needs.

  • Security

    Our cloud solutions provide robust security features, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, and data encryption. This helps to protect your organization from cyber threats and data breaches.

We understand that every business has unique needs and requirements, and that’s why we offer flexible and customizable services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, we can help you achieve your digital transformation goals and take your business to the next level.