Cost Optimization & Billing

Cost Optimization & Billing

“Geeks Solutions cloud cost optimization services help optimize your cloud spending by providing visibility into what's lying unused, where you are overspending and how you can better streamline your existing and expected cloud expenditure.”

Depending on the workload, there are five cost optimization pillars that apply across nearly all environments. The pillars of cost optimization are:

The Challenges

  • Everything is metered when businesses are running on cloud
  • Assessing cloud spend
  • Keeping track of cost wastage due to over-configuration, non-usage or idle asset
  • Accumulation of outdated data like reports and log files

The Solutions

  • Unused Instances keeping track of all instances and removing the unused one.
  • Instance Sizing to determine the correct instance sizing for optimum balance of cost and performance.
  • Unattached Persistent Volumes housekeeping task for all EBS volumes that are not attached to any EC2 instances.
  • Automation using automation features

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