Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Services

“Cloud security services is very much important aspect. Geeks Solutions benefits from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.”

Geeks Solutions offers managed cloud security services that are fully monitored 24/7/365 and can integrate seamlessly into the cloud environments.

Cloud security services provided by us:

  • Identity and Access Management provides controls for assured identities and access management.
  • Data Loss Prevention monitoring, protecting and verifying the security of data at rest, in motion and in use in the cloud and on-premises.
  • Web Security real-time protection offered either on-premise through software/appliance installation or via the cloud by proxying or redirecting web traffic to the cloud provider.
  • E-mail Security provide control over inbound and outbound e-mail, thereby protecting the organization from phishing and malicious attachments, enforcing corporate policies such as acceptable use and spam and providing business continuity options.
  • Security Assessments audits of cloud services or assessments of on-premises systems based on industry standards.
  • Intrusion Management the process of using pattern recognition to detect and react to statistically unusual events.
  • Security Information and Event Management systems accept log and event information.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are the measures designed and implemented to ensure operational resiliency in the event of any service interruptions.

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